my fish pie recipe

UPDATE: My fish pie recipe was featured on the folk & roots show on amazing radio – chuffed : http://amazingradio.co.uk/folk-roots/the-amazing-folk-roots-show-fish-pie

i get asked this after everytime i make one so i’m putting it on here so i can just send a link next time 😉 this is how i’ve described it today:

about a kilo of fish (incl some smoked if you can get any)
3/4 eggs
good handful of prawns
good handful of peas
chedder or 3 cheese packet sauce (powdered stuff)
garlic, pepper etc, a couple of bay leaves

defrost peas, fish & prawns

in a decent size pot put a couple of cloves of crushed garlic, a couple of bay leaves, some knobs of butter, the fish and about 2/3rd litre of milk
low simmer for about 15min or so
hard boil the eggs
strain out the mixture and keep the milk mixture and let the fish cool (half an hour or so until you can break it up with your fingers)

chop up the hardboiled eggs sort of roughly
in the mixture put the cheese sauce packet, prawns, peas (take out bay leaves), pepper & eggs – stir it up so the sauce mix mixes in

once the fish is easy to handle, take off any skin, bones (i just get pre-filleted frozen fish) and break up into chunks and put in the mixture

put into reasonably large baking type pyrex ish dish

boil loads of potatoes well, so there will be enough to cover the mixture in the dish – 5 or 6 or 7 large ones – if you have too much freeze it obv (rough guess is probably around 2 and a bit kilos)

mash the potatoes up – i dont mash them really well like i would do for proper mash – i use a fork to break them up

scoop the mash so it lays over the top of the mixture in the dish – i try and be patient let the milk mixture and the mash cool right down so the potato mixture properly stays on top

oven at about 180 or so for about 40 mins or so – i normally do it until underneath is not too liquidy or potatoe on top is crispy – if its crispy but still liquidy i leave it in the oven with heat turned off for 20-30 mins – its all a bit ish – depends on how you like your potatoe….

thats about it – its easy to play around with the mixtures, quantities etc


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