Free Ibiza Wifi Hotspots

One of the things thats amazed me recently (and shouldnt have) is the amount of free ibiza wifi (wi-fi) hotspots. When I came here 98, finding an internet cafe alone was a nightmare – now you can walk down the road to the que-tal cafe for example in santa eulalia with your laptop, have a coffee and surf the net for free.

Apparently plaza del parque has a municipality run free wifi hotspot and there are others around the island – the trouble is that no-one bothers to publicise them.

If anyone knows of any free ibiza wifi hotspots please let me know (or even non-free will do).

update 22nd June 2008 – since this entry is appearing quite frequently in seaches i thought i’d better up date it – in the meantime ive started http://www.iphoneibiza.com and are continually putting in Free Ibiza Wifi Hotspots in the site


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